About Our Business
J & E Eagles was founded to be the best in Janitorial Services.

In 1998, J & E Eagles was founded by  Mr. Ernesto Guijarro using over a decade of experience in the Janitorial field. He had a vision to form a
new and improved janitorial company that would exceed all others in work quality and customer service.
He met with some friends to share the idea of  opening a small business and start cleaning offices.   The business started with his own hard-
working hands and inevitably grew through his exceptional service reputation.   As the company grew, from one location to the whole Monterey
Peninsula,  new employees had to be hire and trained, and there were long hours spent  taking care of the customers which were and continue
to be top priority. Mr. Ernesto Guijarro met those first challenges  with determination knowing that one day J & E Eagles would be the company of
choice for the best janitorial
services in town with the thought:  "Do the best possible job and someone will hire us."

By teaming up properly trained employees, the best equipment, and a superb customer service, J & E Eagles has now been in business for
more than 10 years and has extended services to   
Industrial,  Residential, Commercial, Institutions,  New Construction and Specialty Cleaning

With a high rating on security, quality of work, and extraordinary customer service, the company  has established a great reputation among all the
different areas of
janitorial services.
Now we have added serving the areas of Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties, we are here to provide you with the best possible services
guaranteed. Our
services  will cover the entire line of cleaning and sanitation that there is: From the bottom up, from floors to windows to
driveways, and walls to ceilings plus everything in between. We are licenced, insured, and bonded.

Comprehensive Liability Insurance

J & E Eagles carries comprehensive liability insurance coverage required by law; furthermore, as a good business practice we carry insurance to
restore any damage you may suffer from our employees.
All the J & E Eagles personnel are covered in case of accidents by an insurance policy. This policy also covers any damage our personnel may
do to your building. J & E Eagles will repair or replace unconditionally any furniture damaged by our workers. We are also bonded  for any
damage or loss your company may suffer for personal property loss by theft, from a small pen to furniture, jewelry or electronics.

Customer Service Response

J & E Eagles offers the fastest customer service available. Our clients receive a "Hot Line" phone number for emergencies or any issues with a
fast response system seven (7) days a week and twenty-four (24) hours a day.  We will respond within two (2) hours of your call  in order to take
corrective action as soon as possible or within twenty-four (24) hours.
The procedures for responding to any customer complaint is: 1) an area manager will report to the site and receive the complaint, correction, or
new directions from the facility manager 2) the facility manager will take the corrective steps by meeting with the shift supervisor 3) the shift
supervisor will make sure the changes are being made that same day/night 4)  the J & E Eagle area manager will revisit the facility unannounced
during the shift in order to monitor the corrective action and to make sure it has been taken and understood; and, any disciplinary action that has
to be taken is done and recorded with the J & E Eagle HR department.

Quality Assurance

We believe in constant improvement; this can only be accomplished by conducting regular, on-the-job training and equipment updates, adding
job performance and attendance  reviews, safety and security  training in all levels of our company. All of these are a must in order to compete
and excel in the business world today.
Quality is our signature. We have established procedures for safety and security in all of our job descriptions. Our supervisory staff daily monitors
these procedures and ensures quality is not neglected in any area, correcting any issues immediately or within twenty-four (24) hours.  
Supervisors are always looking for ways to improve our services and cleaning techniques.
New applicants go through a screening process for working and criminal backgrounds. New employees receive an orientation, a complete
training of job duties, and the safety operation of our equipment.
They also have to pass a thirty (30) day initial review of  “attendance and the basic work knowledge skills”.   A six ( 6) month probation period is
required to become a full time employee.


Our employees are properly trained to avoid triggering alarm systems "especially at our working hours".   Our employees are under strict
supervision to avoid any misplacing of items and to keep our area well organized at all times.  J & E Eagles' employees display a company
identification badge at all times, with their name, ID number, supervisor's name, and telephone number.
We screen our employees for background criminal and drug test employees.
Our staff is trained to avoid letting anyone in to the premises without exemptions. Even in the case of a recognized  employee who tries to get in.
They are not allowed to distract or engage in conversation with any of the company workers at any time; unless, it is by a previous arrangement
by the person in charge of the establishment to receive instructions or directions.


We have a Safety awareness program and guidelines in place for our employees to safely perform their duties. J & E Eagles personnel will be
trained in the same manner as your employees for emergencies and evacuation processes.
About Us
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Call J & E Eagles because...

We are local. - You'll gain access to workers who are licensed, bonded and insured.
Why pay an out of town company, to pay another company to do the service.
We have a cost effective, dedicated, and specialized workforce.
Our employees are fully trained with back up personnel available for whatever the case may be.
You'll have a full time supervisory and management staff at your service.
We'll keep the place shining for you.
24/7 Customer service and quick response to your calls.